also known as malware – fancy short name for malicious software – is anything that tries to disrupt your device normal operation, gather your sensitive information or gain access to other parts of your home or company network. It may be stealthy, working in the background without your knowledge. Why should I care? – you say, I have an anti-virus software. Well, anti-virus doesn’t protect against modern day malware that morphs and changes from device to device.

At Perun Works we work to protect you not only from a piece of malware but also from the malware creators, so whatever their malicious software changes into, we should already be able to protect you from it even before it gets to your device.


Your personal data is a product that is the basis of one of the biggest businesses on the Internet. Various interconnected websites that you visit on a daily basis record your behavior on the sites – what you clicked on, what you read about, what were the search terms you entered into the search engine, what products you looked at in an online shop. It’s no coincidence that the content on websites is then targeted by what you looked at before. Using modern browsers incognito mode or deleting cookies will not help as that data is stored on remote servers and analyzed there to come up on the next webpage you visit with products you might spend your money on.
Zenected works in the backgroung and stops those remote websites from seeing what you are looking at, so the decisions on your next purchases are yours and are not influenced by what an online commercial was showing.


that’s an attempt to acquire your sensitive information, be it usernames, passwords, credit card details etc. Usually the reason is malicious – very often to get your money. The bad guys masquerade as a trustworthy entity like your bank, employer or friends and even family members. Examples are popular social web sites, auction sites, banks, online payment processors. Once a victim clicks on a link it directs that person to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. Phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with malware.
Zenected will stop you from getting phished even if you click on a phishing link. We update our database with new phishind sites every hour.