Please follow these few simple steps to setup ZENECTED on your iOS device:

First select the Settings icon

Amongst Settings you should select “VPN
iOS Zenected setup

On the VPN screen, select “Add VPN Configuration…
iOS Zenected setup

Create a new VPN connection by filling out the necessary fields:

  • in Step 4 from the list of available VPN types, select “L2TP“.
  • in Step 5 enter a description for this VPN connection. Then name can be anything you want.
  • in Step 6 enter your Zenected instance IP address or hostname. If you don’t know these, please contact your Zenected administrator.
  • in Step 7 and 8 enter your Zenected username and password. These should be given to you by your Zenected administrator.
  • in Step 9 enter Zenected shared secret. This again should be provided by your Zenected administrator.
  • After you filled out all of the required settings, remember to select Done [Step 10]
iOS Zenected setup

Once you clicked Done in the previous screen, you should see this screen with overview of your new VPN connection. Click the Back button.
iOS Zenected setup

Now you can connect to Zenected. If you have multiple VPN connections configured on your device, be sure to select Zenected by simpli tapping on it. Then click the Status switch to connect…
iOS Zenected setup

Once you successfully connect, you should see the StatusConnected” and a new VPN icon on top of you screen. Congratulations! How easy was that! 🙂
iOS Zenected setup