Zenected is a cloud based security threat protection service.

It uses a process that involves collection, processing, analysis and production of cyber threat intelligence. As an outcome we gain knowledge about a threat and we turn that knowledge into practice by configuring Zenected to filter the bad things out. That’s it. That’s why – when you configure your devices to use the service – you will be safer online. Simple, right?

Zenected is also a VPN, so all your connections are private. Its certainly useful when you connect to sensitive websites (eg. your bank) from a free WIFI in your favourite café or when you are blocked by your ISP from visiting certain websites. Zenected is your private VPN service.

We use the name Zenected to pass on the message – be Zen while being online. Focus your mind on the things you want to do online, without distortion created by cyber villains 🙂

The service is delivered by Perun Works.