Zenected is a cloud based security threat protection service.

It uses a process that involves collection, processing, analysis and production of cyber threat intelligence. As an outcome we gain knowledge about a threat and we turn that knowledge into practice by configuring Zenected to filter the bad things out. That’s it. That’s why – when you configure your devices to use the service – you will be safer online. Simple, right?

Zenected is also a VPN, so all your connections are private. Its certainly useful when you connect to sensitive websites (eg. your bank) from a free WIFI in your favourite café or when you are blocked by your ISP from visiting certain websites. Zenected is your private VPN service.

We use the name Zenected to pass on the message – be Zen while being online. Focus your mind on the things you want to do online, without distortion created by cyber villains 🙂

The service is delivered by Perun Works.


also known as malware – fancy short name for malicious software – is anything that tries to disrupt your device normal operation, gather your sensitive information or gain access to other parts of your home or company network. It may be stealthy, working in the background without your knowledge. Why should I care? – you say, I have an anti-virus software. Well, anti-virus doesn’t protect against modern day malware that morphs and changes from device to device.

At Perun Works we work to protect you not only from a piece of malware but also from the malware creators, so whatever their malicious software changes into, we should already be able to protect you from it even before it gets to your device.

Your personal data is a product that is the basis of one of the biggest businesses on the Internet. Various interconnected websites that you visit on a daily basis record your behavior on the sites – what you clicked on, what you read about, what were the search terms you entered into the search engine, what products you looked at in an online shop. It’s no coincidence that the content on websites is then targeted by what you looked at before. Using modern browsers incognito mode or deleting cookies will not help as that data is stored on remote servers and analyzed there to come up on the next webpage you visit with products you might spend your money on.

Zenected works in the background and stops those remote websites from seeing what you are looking at, so the decisions on your next purchases are yours and are not influenced by what an online commercial was showing.

that’s an attempt to acquire your sensitive information, be it usernames, passwords, credit card details etc. Usually the reason is malicious – very often to get your money. The bad guys masquerade as a trustworthy entity like your bank, employer or friends and even family members. Examples are popular social web sites, auction sites, banks, online payment processors. Once a victim clicks on a link it directs that person to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. Phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with malware.

Zenected will stop you from getting phished even if you click on a phishing link. We update our database with new phishing sites every hour.

stands for virtual private network. It allows users to securely access a business intranet or home network while located outside the office or home. VPN usually increase privacy and security.

VPN enables you to send and receive data across shared or public networks (eg. free WIFI) as if your devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.) were directly connected to the private home or business network. Applications running across the VPN may therefore benefit from the functionality, security, and management of the private network and you can still have access to your private network resources (eg. NAS, Intranet).

One of the latest uses of VPN is to circumvent Internet censorship.

When using Zenected you get to choose from over 40 locations where you want to put your VPN. Here is the latest list for AWS




Zenected works wherever you go and on whatever device you use to connect to the Internet








Malware, phishing - are you really safe?

Are you sure you are safe?

The Internet is a great tool that serves many purposes and allows us to learn, work and have fun is many new ways. Unfortunately due to its design and open nature it’s also a place where malicious people try to make their “business”. They hack websites and make them serve malware and setup phishing sites to trick you into putting your personal date in the hope to steal your identity . The anti-virus software is not able to keep up with those new threats.

If you want to surf the Net safely (whether at home or while you are away, on your mobile, tablet etc.) you need to be all the time vigilant looking out for those threats.

The Solution

Zenected is a cloud based security threat protection service. It’s delivered through a set of pre-configured services. Once a user connects to the Zenected, that user’s network traffic is filtered to keep the bad things out (e.g. phishing sites, malware). The only thing this a user has to configure on the endpoint device (be it a mobile device, a desktop or laptop or IoT device) is your VPN connection. Oh, btw. because you are using VPN, your network traffic is kept secret even if you connect using your favorite coffee store wifi.

All mentioned services are updated every hour with a new set of threat indicators. The feeds are delivered by Perun Works.

Cyber threats? Zenected is the solution

Zenected Threat Defense VPN - Admin Panel


Easy to manage and very flexible

Zenected is easy to manage. It uses a web front-end for administrators to manage your instance. An administrator user can:

  • manage Zenected users including adding more admin users
  • blacklist URLs or domain names that you don’t want your users to access
  • whitelist URLs or domain names, that were identified as malicious but you still want your users to be able to get to them
  • review exception requests from users

If you are a Zenected end-user what you will like about it, is:

  • no need to install additional software on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop – Zenected uses standard OS features build-in into all modern systems
  • if you encounter a certain resource blocked by the system, you can request an exception. Each exception is then reviewed by an administrator.

Zenected Community

Whenever you decide to whitelist or blacklist a URL, domain or other resource, your decision will be anonymously shared with Zenected Community.

Zenected backend will crunch the feedback received from our wider Community in order to provide better protection through improved feeds.

No personal data is ever shared or stored.

Zenected Community

Zenected Threat Defense VPN


Zenected is also on GitHub


BlackHat Asia 2017 Arsenal

Where do I start?

We encourage you to take ZENECTED for a test drive.
The easiest way to run ZENECTED is to use it with Amazon Web Services. You can use our install script from GitHub and run it at AWS or at your own server anywhere else. Get started by checking our GitHub page – Zenected on GitHub

Be sure to check our resources webpage with various guides and links to other useful pages.

We love NGOs… If IT is not your thing and you don’t know exactly how to set it up, but would still like to use it – get in contact via . We’ll do our best to help.

If you are responsible for a larger environment please get in contact – we provide support for customized installations.

We are also proud to mention, that we were recognized as part of BlackHat Asia 2017 Arsenal. See more on that here…

Lastly – ZENECTED is FREE for anyone to use. If you like it and would like to become part of the bigger team, please consider making a donation to keep our backend infrastructure running. You can do it through PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/zenected